About Little Brew

Little Brew is a small but perfectly formed local microbrewery producing exquisite artisan ales.

Formed in the heart of Camden Town, Little Brew ales are crafted using only the finest British ingredients and traditional methods.

Sustainability is at the heart of Little Brew and being so small means we can focus on every little detail. From the brewing process itself to delivery, we do everything we can to produce beers with a big taste and a low environmental impact.

The majority of our beer is intended to be enjoyed locally. Just like every neighbourhood needs a baker and a flower shop, we believe you need a local brewer or two.

Little Brew is in the process of relocating to the fantastic city of York.

The Brewhouse
Meet the Brewer

Little Brew is currently a one man operation with Brewer Stu Small looking after all areas of the business.

Little Brew is the perfect combination of my two biggest passions: real ale and sustainability. For me it makes perfect sense that the two should go together.

I'm a life long real ale fan and prior to setting up Little Brew, I had been craft brewing great tasting beers at home for many years. I worked as a Sustainability Advisor in my professional career, first at The Body Shop and then in the soft drinks industry trade where I learned how to run energy efficient beverage manufacture (as well as how not to!).

I've always been inspired by small businesses that focus on serving their local community with top notch quality stuff whether it's a butcher, a tea room or a fish and chip shop. I think you can always tell when producers are proud of their products - and that's what I hope to achieve.

You can see some of my favorite beers listed in my Desert Island Drinks blog post. Stu Small